Hyatt Reef

Hyatt Reef. Photo Jon Huberman
Best time to travel: 

Hyatt Reef is a very long way from shore (2 Kms) so hire a jekung boat to take you out and wait while you surf. There have been reports of a huge shark that is said to cruise the break often, but that may just be the locals trying to scare us off a good but fickle wave. 

You need virtually no wind, and a high tide to stop you drifting off the take-off spot. So early morning high tides are the best conditions. Right hand peaks shift around a bit, but if you’re in the right place at the right time, it can be a ride to remember. A reward for a somewhat difficult location.

Hyatt Reef doesn’t seem to get too crowded, unlike its famous neighbour Sanur Reef, probably because it is so far from shore and susceptible to winds.

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