Nusa Dua

SUP Bali’s Pete Cox on a typical day for Nusa Dua - overhead, thick and powerful 200 metre rides. Photo Trevor Murphy
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Nusa Dua is Bali’s most consistent right reef break, rarely under 4 feet. Often the only place breaking for weeks, so it does get crowded (60+ surfers over 3 peaks). Breaks about 1 Km offshore, so hire a jekung ride out and back (around $10) from Surfer’s Beach, just past the Nusa Dua Golf Course and turn left at the Aman Nusa Resort. Look for the Surfer’s Beach sign, or as always it is better to hire a local driver.

There is a zippy left next to the channel 500 metres north, near the “two islands” that give Nusa Dua its name, with a right peak on the southern side. But the real action is out front, 300 metres out the back. Thick, deep water, shifty peaks wrap into a series of bowls for long rides with lots of power and variety. Steep over-head takeoffs are followed by thick tubes that lead to fat sections before another bowl wraps in and throws out.  It’s a bit like Sunset Beach in Hawaii.

A good tip for Nusa Dua is to take out your big wave board even if it only looks 6 feet from the beach (it could actually be 8 to 10). Nusa Dua can handle 20 foot swells, so take some brave friends if you want to give it a try. The reef is on the edge of very deep water, so expect to do lots of paddling against the currents, especially as the tide rushes in. It’s much easier on an outgoing tide. Be warned - the shifty peak will clean you up sooner or later, so be prepared with a strong new leg rope! Only experienced surfers should go out once the swell gets over 6 feet.

On small days you can surf hollow right peaks close to the headland just north of the Nikko Hotel. Intermediate level surfers can enjoy the smaller days (it’ll still be head high on the sets). High tide covers the reef safely, but still wear boots.  There are other reefs all the way around the exposed south of Bali to Uluwatu, but few access roads.  

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