Serang, Turtle Island

Serangan, the most reliable reef in the wet season, also closest to Kuta. Rights and Lefts, good on all tides. Photo Tim Hain
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Serangan is the most popular wet season wave for intermediate level surfers. A great right and left reefbreak, just 20 minutes from Kuta, now accessible by car due to the filling in of Benoa Harbour. Works all day, on all tides, on all size swells. Consistent so therefore very crowded. But this means Nusa Dua is not so crowded these days, especially on big days.

Now that Serangan and Keramas have become publicized, there are a lot more surf options during the wet season. The pro surfers typically head to Keramas for tubes, big wave riders head to Nusa Dua, and intermediate surfers love Serangan. 

There used to be a rusty shipwreck here with a crazy wedge peeling along the side. Peter Crawford, the late-great legend photographer and 10 times world kneeboard champ, captured some insane photos of surfers barreled barely inches away from the sharp barnacles. R.I.P. P.C. Your smile is missed.

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