Airport Lefts

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Airport Lefts is the first reef to the north of the airport, always bigger than the more famous Kuta Reef, but not as hollow. It still offers high tubes and a workable shoulder. There are two distinct takeoff peaks, so choose your waves carefully. The next break in the reef is Middles, an intense short ride for experts only, with a close-out end section.  Rogue sets often catch everyone inside

There are outrigger prahu canoes on the beach to take you the 500 to 700 metres out, and pick you up a couple of hours later. Ask other surfers what the price is first. 

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Indonesia’s monetary unit is the RUPIAH (Roo-pee-ah) symbolised as “Rp”. Like Dollars, rupiah are  written “Rp 1,000” but said “1,000 Rupiah”. Some tourists refer to “Rupes” when speaking English, but when speaking Indonesian you should only say “Rupiah”. Recently one Australian Dollar was worth just over Rp 10,000. The rate fluctuates daily so only change enough for a few days.

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