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Dreamland has a fun right and left reefbreak off the cliff, best at mid to low tide. Plus a fun beachbreak. Very popular with European learners and sun-worshippers. Lots of peaceful places to stay nearby. Quite a social beach to hang out day and night. 

On most full moons you can find all-night dance raves on the headland. Be careful you don’t trip over the cliff.

Our #1 Recommendation for Dreamland

It's definitely worth the $5 a day for TRAVEL INSURANCE to avoid having to pay $50,000 for an Emergency Flight if you get badly injured on the sharp coral reefs or crazy roads.

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Indonesia’s monetary unit is the RUPIAH (Roo-pee-ah) symbolised as “Rp”. Like Dollars, rupiah are  written “Rp 1,000” but said “1,000 Rupiah”. Some tourists refer to “Rupes” when speaking English, but when speaking Indonesian you should only say “Rupiah”. Recently one Australian Dollar was worth just over Rp 10,000. The rate fluctuates daily so only change enough for a few days.

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