Top: Impossibles and Padang, Photo Pat Koroman. Warung view, Paul Billings. Below: Photo Tom Bauer
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Impossibles is well named. Renowned for high-speed tube runs, but sooner or later it will race past you. Sometimes though it lines up perfectly, usually on giant swells at dead low tide. You can either paddle out from Padang or Bingin. 

Take-off spots tend to shift around a lot, so don't worry if it looks a bit crowded. Take your time checking where the sets break wide, and then get out there and be patient waiting for your Impossible dream to come true.

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Top Travel Tips

Respect the Locals

The Indonesian local surfers will be your new best friends. If you treat them with respect you will enjoy your trip so much more. A smile is worth a thousand words in any language. 

If you smile, talk quietly and give them the respect they deserve, you will develop true friendships, get cheaper bargains as a bonus, but more importantly you will gain a genuine insight into their uniquely spiritual lives and centuries old cultures. Indonesia is alive with religions like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and ancient Animistic beliefs. Your spirit will come alive in Indonesia.

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