Dede Suryana. High tide + Small swell = FUN at Legian. Photo David Deckers
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High tide at Legian can serve up some of the most power-packed beachbreaks in the world. Always bigger than Kuta, although it usually closes-out on low tide. It also closes out on high tide if the swell is over 8 feet. Because Legian is in the curve of the beach, it collects the compressed energy of all swells. A much more powerful wave than Kuta, 2km south along the sand.

If Kuta is only 3 foot, Legian might be magnificent at 4 to 6 foot. A handy hint is that Kuta Reef is often about the same size as Legian. The waves usually get better with any high tide over 2.0 metres on the Bali Tide Charts from the Menu Link above  

The first semi-permanent sand bank is at Jalan Melasti, near the Legian Beach Hotel. Often relatively uncrowded.

The most consistent peak is at Jalan Padma, near the Bali Padma Hotel, which is almost always crowded at high tide. Lefts and rights peel from opposite banks towards each other for 100 metres, then join up right on the sand for a big air finish. Lots of fun. A hot crew of young Bali locals surf here regularly, so smile, share and be friendly to enjoy your sessions here.

You can sometimes find less crowded peaks 200 metres further north, near the Puri Raja Hotel and Double Six beach.

Our #1 Recommendation for Legian

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Riding a motorbike is the most dangerous thing you can do in Indonesia. Every day there are lethal accidents, often because of unlicenced schoolkids, or drunk tourists at night. The roads are crowded and pot-holed. Most drivers don’t know any road rules except pay the cops to get out of trouble.  

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