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Uluwatu is Bali’s most consistent left. Almost always 4 foot plus, so almost always crowded too. But you can score less crowded dawn or sunset sessions by staying at one of the many new Villas nearby. You can hang all day on the clifftop enjoying cheap food, drinks, great views of the surf, and relaxing après-surf massages. It doesn't get fully crowded till around 9am when surfers arrive from their hotels in Kuta an hour's drive away. And the last hour or two before sunset sees crowds thin out.

At High tide you surf the section known as The Peak, straight out from The Cave, with classic tubes right from the jacking take-off. Unfortunately one in three tubes tends to close down unpredictably, so be prepared to duck out through the back. Good up to 10 foot.

Low tide causes The Peak to close out, so you surf 100 metres further down the reef at The Racetrack. A series of long walled sections link together with predictable open tubes that lure you into the next curving bowl. But don’t go too far, because like most Indo reef breaks, it eventually closes out savagely onto almost dry coral that is very sharp. Wear reef boots at all tides.

Over 10 feet at low tide, Racetrack breaks further out at Outside Corner, a thick pushy wall that rolls evenly for 100 to 200 metres. There are rarely tubes, but the faces are ideal for big carving manoeuvres. A great place to push yourself into tackling bigger surf. On high tide the Bombie looms up way out the back.

Temples is the line-up furthest south, almost out of sight. A good outside reef to avoid the crowds or find more juice on smaller days. To save a few hundred metres of paddling, walk along the beach as far south as possible before paddling out. Or be like Gerry Lopez and stay at "Uluwatu Surf Villas" on the cliff overlooking the least crowded sections of reef. 

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