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  • Mentawai Blue Surf Charters: Get $500 Discount off 3 yachts for groups
  • Poppies Restaurant Bali: Free Beer or Soft Drink
  • Joyo's G-Land Surf Camp: Bonus 2 to 4 Free Nights - save up to $600
  • Nusa Surfshop Dreamland: 10% Discount 
  • Dreamweaver Bali-Lombok-Sumbawa yacht: 10-15% off = save $100 
  • Freeline Indo Surf Adventures: FREE double DVD
  • Puri Uluwatu Villas & Puri Asu: 10% Discount 
  • Sumatran Surfaris: US$50 worth of free beers & airport pick up 
  • Nusa Dewata Mentawais yacht: $75 Discount
  • Bali Surfing Tours: Free Beer or fresh juice after any tour
  • Magnum Bali Surf Tours: Free Beer with day trip transport
  • Saraina Koat Mentawai Yachts: 10% Discount 
  • Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali: 15% Off 5-Star Food & Drinks
  • Diverse Surfboards Bali: FREE FINS with custom orders
  • Drifter Surf Shop Bali: Free Surf Hat
  • Uluwatu Surf Villas Bali: Free Airport Transfers save $40
  • World Surfaris: 50% OFF Travel Insurance - save $50 to $150 or more
  • Nomad Tropical Resort Sumbawa: Free Speedboat Trip
  • Nusantara Mentawais: Free $150 Photo package
  • Surging Waters Mentawai Yacht: 10% Discount for Groups of 10
  • Aura Surf Resort North Sumatra: 1 Night Free 
  • Suara Ombak Villas Bingin Bali: 25% Discount Nov-March
  • Togat Nusa Retreat Mentawais: Free Massage
  • Ombak Tujuh Pub West Java: Free Beer Happy Hour Discount

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