Biggest Wednesday


The biggest waves in the history of surfing. The biggest selling surf movie in Australian history.
See Laird Hamilton, Ken Bradshaw, Ross Clarke-Jones push the limits on 50 foot waves

Wednesday 28 January 1998  saw the biggest surf ever to be ridden. The locals say JAWS has never been bigger. Outside Log Cabins on Oahu's North Shore was surfed for the first time ever, with Ken Bradshaw claiming the biggest wave in surfing history! 50 to 70 foot walls of death!

The new sport of tow-in surfing created history as a crew of surfers were strapped onto tiny narrow seven foot tow-boards. Biggest Wednesday was shot at two locations. On Maui: Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Buzzy Kerbox took on the biggest day ever filmed at Jaws, their home big-wave break. Meanwhile on Oahu's North Shore, Ross Clarke-Jones, Tony Ray, Cheyne Horan, Ken Bradshaw, Shawn Briley and Noah Johnson rode the biggest waves in the history of surfing at Outside Log Cabins.

Digitally enhanced and remastered + New sound track + Bonus segments including an interview with the film maker, Tim Bonython renowned for his annual Australian Surf Movie Festivals.

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