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Effective close of business on Wednesday 1 April 2020, we are temporarily suspending the issuing of all travel insurance plans.

We continue to monitor the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, and will re-start once plans are again available for sale.







BALI:   $3 ~ $7 A DAY

14 Days BALI BASIC Cover $61 - or COMPREHENSIVE Cover $94
Based on Age 39, after your exclusive 10% Discount

30 Days BALI BASIC Cover $91 = $3.03 a Dayor COMPREHENSIVE Cover $146

INDONESIA:   $4.50 ~ $9.90 A DAY


14 Days INDONESIA BASIC Cover $87 - or COMPREHENSIVE Cover $139
Based on Age 39, after your exclusive 10% Discount

30 Days INDONESIA BASIC Cover $136 = $4.53 a Day - or COMPREHENSIVE Cover $212 = $ 7.08 a Day  




* Exclusive 10% DISCOUNT off SureSave Insurance rates, backed by AXA worldwide
* Exclusive SURFBOARDS covered FREE for our customers only 
* Exclusive FREE BEERS IN INDO Offer ~ see below

What's included ?


  • MEDEVAC Emergency Flights ~ UNLIMITED

  • SURFBOARDS covered to $700 - or optional full NEW surfboard cost

  • FREE BEERS IN INDO ~ see below

  • LUGGAGE cover from $3,000 (Basic) to $10,000 (Comprehensive), with Option up to an extra $10,000

  • CANCELLATION cover $5,000 (Comprehensive), or Zero (Basic) with Option to increase for just a few dollars more

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Simply email us your Policy Number + Bank Account Numbers after you order here 
We will refund $10 within 24 hours = "Enough for a 6-pack of FREE BEERS in INDO"

Why Get Travel Insurance?

  • If you are NOT Insured, you could be stuck overseas with a nightmare $300,000+ medical bill
  • Medical Evacuation Flights from Bali to Australia now cost over $50,000 + Bali Hospital Costs = $100,000 or more 
  • Medical Evacuation Flights to USA or Europe can cost $250,000 or more + Bali Hospital Costs = $300,000 or more
  • Only pay for the level of cover that's right for you - Basic or Comprehensive
  • For the price of a cup of coffee, you can't afford not to get travel insurance. Don't risk it for just $4 a day

Can I get cheaper Annual or Multi-Trip Cover?

Yes, you certainly can - it can save you heaps! Our rates include 10% DISCOUNT

  • ANNUAL Multi 30-Day Trips - from only $458 a YearCLICK HERE then scroll down to "Annual Frequent Traveller"
  • ANNUAL Multi 50-Day Trips - from only $741 a Year - CLICK HERE then scroll down to "Annual Frequent Traveller"
  • Covers all Domestic and International trips taken within 12 months (up to either 30 or 50 days each trip) based on Age 39 - Cheaper if you're younger!

Get Multi-Trip Cover Now

SureSave Sydney is here 24/7 to help you

And that means more than just providing insurance.

  • 24 Hour 7 Days a week access to SureSave's in-house 24/7 Emergency Assistance team in Sydney Australia

  • Easy online claims process with fast turnarounds.

  • Free SureSave App. Tailored to your individual journey - carry expert travel advice in your back pocket.

Other Details

* Change from September 2018: 
Surfboards are no longer covered in use surfing by any travel insurance underwriter we know
Some underwriters stopped covering surfboards totally, or now charge 10% of every board's value
But all our customers Surfboards are covered EXCLUSIVELY for FREE, except in use surfing

24 Hour Emergency Assistance in over 30 countries:
Phone Reverse Charge to Australia: +61 2 9234 3113
In Indonesia call Reverse Charge: 001 801 61 first
In Australia: 02 9234 3113
Email: [email protected]
SMS +61 417 342 076

CLAIMS are subject to Limits as defined in the SureSave Product Disclosure Statement - please do not rely only on this web page summary, as benefits and terms are subject to change in future, the same as they changed in July 2016, December 2016, September 2017 (Gunung Agung Volcano), July 2018 and April 2019

MOTORBIKE and SCOOTER Personal Injury Medical Cover
Note: You still need to get Comprehensive Rental Vehicle Insurance over there - to cover your rental car/bike, other people's vehicles and personal public liability.
You MUST have an Australian or International Motorbike Licence even for small 50cc scooters, and wear a Helmet at all times.
Do not drink alcohol and drive. Riding a motorbike is the leading cause of injury overseas, as roads can be crowded and very dangerous... 
We recommend you RENT A CAR instead of a motorbike on your first few trips, with a local Driver which only costs around $20 to $30 a Half Day .
Our favourite surf trip Drivers are listed in our guidebook "Indo Surf and Lingo".

$5,000 Rental Vehicle Excess (for the excess cost of repairs to CARS but not motorbikes)




* It's a good idea to PHOTOGRAPH all your valuables before, during and after your trip. Before each flight, photograph packing used to prevent damage to Surfboards in flight. We suggest you pack surfboards thoroughly in multi-layers of light weight bubble wrap, with hard cardboard or foam around the nose, tail and rails. Then slip inside a sturdy travel bag, taking photos as proof of the care you have taken before and after each flight. If you do not pack surfboards thoroughly, your claim may be denied. Keep original purchase Receipts, repair receipts, police reports if stolen.

What is the current depreciated market value of your surfboard? You are automatically covered up to that amount. OR you can select the "NEW for Old" option, where you receive the full NEW surfboard cost if boards are stolen, accidentally lost or damaged beyond repair (except while "in use" surfing). 

* Please read the full Schedule of Benefits and Product Disclosure Statement available from www.suresave.com.au/pds before ordering. If you don't have time now to read it first, don't worry, get the Policy now and you still have 14 Days to cancel at no cost (if you haven't already started your trip of course!)

* Do you have a PRE-EXISTING Medical Condition? No problem. Over 30 common Conditions are automatically covered free. Generally you can either simply accept you won’t be covered for any claim that arises in relaton to your Condition, or pay a bit extra to be covered for it.  Your choice.



* Standard Disclaimer

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* Prices subject to change without notice


* Any Questions? 

You can search the full Policy Details here www.suresave.com.au/pds.
Or you can email us for next day reply. 
Or if really urgent, and you need answers today, please phone 07 5448 3335 from 9am-5pm only


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