Bali offers over 30 top-quality waves on the west and east coasts, which are just half an hour apart by car or motorbike. You'll find offshore winds virtually every day all year.

Don't worry about negative stories that "Bali's over man" because every day new visitors fall in love with Bali's thousands of magical delights, and keep coming back year after year. Give it a go, you will be amazed. But if possible, book into a nice beachfront hotel on your first trip, which might cost around $100 a night but will be well worth it. 

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Bali West Coast

The first time you see the famous lineup of Uluwatu will be a sight you will remember forever. Imagine what it was like for young Steve Cooney and Rusty Miller when they first paddled out through The Cave in 1971 , surfing over the sharp coral reef without legropes. Lucky for us Alby Falzon was on...

Bali South Coast

Bali’s exposed south coast is usually too big to surf. Chances are you will only surf here because everywhere else is "flat", but this area is not for learners ~ even when everywhere else is "too small to surf" the South Coast can have powerful thick 4 to 8 foot sets. This coast has undergone...

Bali East Coast

Photo Mick Curley
When the wet season starts around November, the East Coast is offshore for the next 5 months

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Indonesia’s monetary unit is the RUPIAH (Roo-pee-ah) symbolised as “Rp”. Like Dollars, rupiah are  written “Rp 1,000” but said “1,000 Rupiah”. Some tourists refer to “Rupes” when speaking English, but when speaking Indonesian you should only say “Rupiah”. Recently one Australian Dollar was worth just over Rp 10,000. The rate fluctuates daily so only change enough for a few days.

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