Sumatra is a huge island. Dense jungles and rainforests make exploring for surf difficult but rewarding.

Come up and get lost! 

Banyak Islands

Photo thanks Ryan Robson
J ust above Nias are the 99 small islands called Kepulauan Banyak (Many Islands). Previously only reached on yachts, there is now one small surf camp right in the middle of the well-named Bay of Plenty. You can find a choice of 6 excellent waves out front of the new Banyak Surf Bungalows ,...


Photo thanks Russel Ord
South of Nias are the now famous Mentawai Islands, pronounced Men-tah-why , without doubt The Best Waves on the Planet . Most islands are covered in dense rainforest jungles, hardly any roads, limited food supplies, and only a few comfortable places to stay. Despite thousands of surfers coming here...


Wade Goodall. Photo Russell Ord
Nias island is famous for the idyllic waves breaking off palm-fringed Lagundri Bay. The 2005 earthquake lifted the reef, making the wave even better - hollower and longer! The famous seven second tubes are now nine seconds! More new breaks have been improved nearby. World Surfaris can book you and...


Photo thanks Everton Louis
Some of Indonesia's least crowded waves. Just a few small surf camps and the odd yacht sailing past. "Largest swell window in Indo" with offshore winds all year long. Not for learners or first time Indo travellers.

Telo Islands

Telo Islands right on the Equator. Previously only surfed on Mentawai yachts, there are now a few luxury guest houses with easy but expensive fly-in fly-out services: Resort Latitude Zero, Telo Island Lodge and Surfing Village.

Bono River

Bono River Photos by Antony Colas who discovered this incredible tidal bore wave using Google Earth
Surely the strangest surf discovery in Indonesia. This remarkable tidal bore wave was found on Google and then first surfed in 2010 by French surfer Antony Colas. Locals had been riding it in their sampan boats since the 1940’s. The wave only appears during the highest New Moon and Full Moon weeks...

South Sumatra

Photo John Respondek -
The South Sumatra coast has 10 quality waves in a beautiful area “just like Bali 30 years ago”. Ujung Bocor near Krui is known as “Sumatra’s longest left”. Fun for intermediate to advanced surfers. Most surfers choose to stay on the point right in front of the break at Ombak Indah Resort www...

North Sumatra

Far North Sumatra, Photo Nobu Fuku
North Sumatra has very good surf near Banda Aceh airport. The 2004 Tsunami destroyed most coastal villages in Aceh, with over 130,000 deaths and millions homeless. However the surf towns of Lhoknya and Meulaboh are now both re-open for business, and the local surfers will really appreciate you...

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