Over 100 kilometres of surf potential 

The south west tip has consistent waves reached overnight on 10 night yacht charters from Bali, ideal if you want to surf all the best breaks quickly.

New roads and hotels make travelling overland a good option too for surfers with more time. You can stay in style at the absolute beach front Nomad Tropical Resort with a long, easy left pointbreak straight out front, just 10 minutes from Yoyo’s. You can find offshore winds here or nearby all year:

The team from Rantung Beach Hotel at Yoyo’s can organize your transport from Bali, and a choice of budget rooms at Yoyo’s, Supersuck or Scar Reef - But if you prefer to fly in, make sure you fly to West Sumbawa airport (not Bima airport central Sumbawa) and then head south to Taliwang, then to Maluk or Sekongkang. 

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TIDE CHARTS are always available from us for Sumbawa 

Best time to travel: 

Our #1 Recommendation for Sumbawa

It's definitely worth the $5 a day for TRAVEL INSURANCE to avoid having to pay $50,000 for an Emergency Flight if you get badly injured on the sharp coral reefs or crazy roads.

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Top Travel Tips

Respect the Locals

The Indonesian local surfers will be your new best friends. If you treat them with respect you will enjoy your trip so much more. A smile is worth a thousand words in any language. 

If you smile, talk quietly and give them the respect they deserve, you will develop true friendships, get cheaper bargains as a bonus, but more importantly you will gain a genuine insight into their uniquely spiritual lives and centuries old cultures. Indonesia is alive with religions like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and ancient Animistic beliefs. Your spirit will come alive in Indonesia.

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