Timor & Rote

Although West Timor does have some surf, most people head to Rote, a small island off the south west coast which has many excellent offshore island reefbreaks. Freeline Indo Surf Adventures offers the best yacht tours here, surfing Nusa, Ndao, Ndana, Doo, Rai Jua, Dana and other secret islands. 

Rote’s world-class wave is Nemberala, a long easier left reef, also known as T-Land. Malole Rote Surf House is right on the beach - www.rotesurfhouse.com. There are still some excellent secret rights and lefts nearby on Rote if conditions are right. 

You can get a ferry to Sawu from Kupang, but it’s much easier to surf all these islands onboard Freeline’s Sri Noa Noa yacht. If you have the time to explore, the possibilities are almost endless through these “south east islands”. Preparation is vital however to prevent wasting your time, so study your Indonesian language, get good roadmaps, nautical maps and weather information. Ask your Indonesian Consulate about permits to enter Timor and Irian Jaya. Check the latest political situation too before you go. At the time of writing, travel to West Timor is OK again, but always travel with caution, especially in Kupang city.

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You want transport?

Riding a motorbike is the most dangerous thing you can do in Indonesia. Every day there are lethal accidents, often because of unlicenced schoolkids, or drunk tourists at night. The roads are crowded and pot-holed. Most drivers don’t know any road rules except pay the cops to get out of trouble.  

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