Banyak Islands

Just above Nias are the 99 small islands called Kepulauan Banyak (Many Islands). Previously only reached on yachts, there is now one small surf camp right in the middle of the well-named Bay of Plenty. 

You can find a choice of 6 excellent waves out front of the new Banyak Surf Bungalows, something for everyone, from beginners to intermediate and advanced surfers. There are no villages, no roads – just palm lined beaches. If you’re looking to get away from crowds this could be the place. Consistent all year, but usually best March to November

The Bungalows overlook Gunturs, the most consistent wave in the area. A right point break with two sections offering 5 second barrels. “A perfect Indo wave, without the indo crowds”.

Lolok Point is a fast, long and hollow wrapping left point for advanced surfers, or if small it suits everyone.

Dindos is a mini-Maca’s long playful left, semi barrelling, great fun for all levels of ability.

Shorty’s is a perfect but short swell magnet, protected from north winds.

There are other secret spots nearby, plus legendary surf spots further afield such as Treasure Island, an ultra-long right reef break, Cobra Logs, Turtles and Machine Gun Rights. Regular boat trips leave for these remote spots from the bungalows when conditions are right.

Best time to travel: 

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Top Travel Tips

Respect the Locals

The Indonesian local surfers will be your new best friends. If you treat them with respect you will enjoy your trip so much more. A smile is worth a thousand words in any language. 

If you smile, talk quietly and give them the respect they deserve, you will develop true friendships, get cheaper bargains as a bonus, but more importantly you will gain a genuine insight into their uniquely spiritual lives and centuries old cultures. Indonesia is alive with religions like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and ancient Animistic beliefs. Your spirit will come alive in Indonesia.

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