Surf Report

1st June 2019


Indo surf season is ON NOW. Glassy 4 to 6 foot swells all over the islands. The same as last year's excellent Dry Season, there have been perfect waves at all Bali's West coast surf spots, with offshore winds starting mid-March. Spots like Uluwatu, Kuta Reef and Canggu have been on fire. Last year saw three back-to back mega swells during July. Between major swells saw plenty of fun head-high days for the average surfer. Keramas on the other side enjoyed glassy mornings even during peak season. Crowds are at their lowest right now, at the start of the Dry Season. But get in quick to avoid peak season crowds July & August. Usually from April to October each year the surf pumps and the sun shines non-stop, with perfect offshore winds for month after month. So plan your 2019 Indo surf trip now!  

* Yacht tour bookings are unusually quiet so far this year, with many larger yachts not heading out. So it could be an ideal year to jump on a smaller yacht and score uncrowded perfect surf up there. Hint: Check out the 6 passenger Nusa Dewata yacht charters, and say Hi to the Owner Simon from us.

We might learn a little from the last few years: Bali's 2016, 2017 and 2018 peak surf seasons all started earlier than usual, with some great uncrowded sessions all over Indo starting in late February to early March. Last year April and May were especially clean and glassy. Then June kicked in with ultra-high tides and massive swells. July saw the XXL swell create solid 15 foot plus waves at Uluwatu, with the longest waves ever ridden there using jetski take-offs. There were maxing 10-12 foot waves at Padang-Padang, then again in August and September. And remember, 2017's El Nino conditions delivered epic "Best Waves of a Lifetime" with two huge swells in October and November, proving once again that Indo can always turn it on, any time of year. Full details of how to plan your trip are in the latest update of the essential Indo Surf and Lingo Guidebook

* October 2015 saw many Bali flights cancelled due to Volcanic ash from nearby East Java and Lombok. Then in September 2017 Bali's Gunung Agung volcano started to rumble and smoke for the first time since 1963. It went quiet most of 2018, but smoked again on New Year's Eve 2019. Although Bali skies are clear now, make sure you get Travel Insurance the same day you book any flights, yachts or hotels. Then you'll be covered for any unexpected future delays or expenses if another Volcano kicks up cancelling flights, or you or a close family member "break a leg" and you have to cancel your trip before you even leave home.

INDO SURF TRAVEL INSURANCE covers you for UNLIMITED Emergency Hospital costs and Medevac flights. Plus SURFBOARDS are covered up to $700 each, or optional NEW board cost (except in use surfing). So you'll be smiling even if your favourite board is lost or stolen.   Get Your TRAVEL INSURANCE Quote Here Now

Our Book's exclusive Bali Wave Size Prediction Chart  makes it easy for you to plan where to surf in Bali each day, in waves that suit your ability. If it's 15 foot at Uluwatu, the chart tells you where to find easy 4 foot waves. All you need is board shorts, sun block and Indo Surf and Lingo  to guide the way! Get your copy now.

Water Temp: Very Warm 25º C/ 80º F. Air Temp: Hot & Sunny 25-33º C/ 85-95º F

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